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After-sales Service ▶ Regarding after-sales service, I believe that every customer cares about real efficiency and can solve the problem from the root in a short time. Here, TBK Technology will provide you with high-quality and efficient services, and all series of products are guaranteed one year, engineering     The teacher can answer technical problems for you at any time, and the marketing department can update the market conditions for you at any time, and provide you with high-quality related consumables at any time! ▶ As long as you choose TBK, we will serve you wholeheartedly to the end! ▶ While pursuing development, as a sales group of screen repair equipment, the establishment of brand image is very important to us. Therefore, after-sales service plays a pivotal role in our entire sales system. ▶ The company is willing to spend the greatest energy and manpower to do this well, and we will use practical actions to let customers experience "for the sake of customers" is not just a verbal promise. The advantages of joining TBK as an agent: One: big brand, high reputation, easy to promote! Two: Provide agents with monopoly models, and implement regional protection! Three: Provide free screen repair technology, you can send people to the company to learn for free! Four: to the agent
For competitive prices, to ensure the profits of agents! Five: Provide local advertising support and online promotion to agents! Technical Support / Technical Support
▶ Provide free screen making technology; ▶ Provide one-stop procurement service for equipment and consumables; ▶ Provide the market price of explosive screens and new screens in the market for customers' reference; ▶ Long-term acquisition of customer-made screens to achieve a win-win situation; ▶ Provide customers with information on the screen repair industry.
Product advantages ▶ R&D advantages: All equipment is independently developed by the company, and customers can also customize according to their own needs. ▶ Production advantages: The company has its own production workshop, strong production team, and quantitative production to meet market demand. ▶ Technical advantages: laser machine series, freezer separator series, vacuum laminating machine series, laminating machine series and other equipment and tools use imported electrical and gas accessories, PLC controller and touch screen system, and the incidence of imported silent vacuum pumps     Negative pressure conversion control system. Automatic vacuum induction device to ensure the bonding yield. ▶ After-sales advantages: a dedicated after-sales team provides targeted after-sales service for screen technology and machine after-sales. ▶ Foreign trade advantage: There is a special machine for foreign trade, 110V, no need to switch voltage, all English touch, the first choice for foreign trade. ▶ Brand advantage: As a small desktop laminating machine manufacturer, TBK has a huge customer base, and the product has a very good reputation, so you can buy it with confidence.
TBK Advantage / Service Advantage ▶ Advantages of after-sales service: All products are guaranteed for one year, customers in Shenzhen are guaranteed door-to-door service within 12 hours, customers outside Shenzhen are provided with remote technical guidance, and after-sales problems are solved by sending accessories to customers. ▶ Advantages of product matching: In order to improve the quality of service, our company considers everything for customers. Our company provides customers with one-stop procurement of equipment and consumables, saving customers a lot of time. ▶ Product advantages: All products sold by our company are customized for individual maintenance customers. The products are small in size, light in weight, and easy to install. Customers do not need dust-free space, but only need a small room for production. . ▶ Price advantage: The combined price of all the supporting equipment for screen repair is less than the price of a laminating machine from other manufacturers. The production speed is super fast and efficient, and the laminating machine is 10 seconds/4 pieces. ▶ Technical advantages: With years of experience in repairing broken screens, we can provide customers with a series of technical support, including technical problems such as yellowing, watermarks, bubbles, and static electricity during the repairing process of broken screens. ▶ Cooperation advantages: We will provide customers with the market prices of explosive and new screens in the market for a long time for customers' reference, and we can also acquire long-term customer-made screens to achieve a win-win situation.

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